How to check and add Toyota Camry brake fluid

    This post goes over where to check and add brake fluid to your Toyota Camry. Brake fluid must be changed every two or three years, because brake fluid is, means, it likes to absorb water and air moisture.

    Checking fluid level

    The brake fluid level should be between the “MAX” and “MIN” lines on the tank.

    1. “MAX”
    2. “MIN”

    Adding fluid

    Make sure to check the fluid type and prepare the necessary item.

    Fluid Type: FMVSS No.116 DOT 3 or SAE J1703 brake fluid

    Bosch ESI6-32N Brake Fluid

    Brake fluid can absorb moisture from the air

    Excess moisture in the brake fluid can cause a dangerous loss of braking efficiency. Use only newly opened brake fluid.


    When filling the reservoir

    • Take care as brake fluid can harm your hands and eyes and damage painted surfaces.
    • If fluid gets on your hands or in your eyes, flush the affected area with clean water immediately.
    • If you still experience discomfort, see a doctor.


    If the fluid level is low or high

    • It is normal for the brake fluid level to go down slightly as the brake pads wear out or when the fluid level in the accumulator is high.
    • If the reservoir needs frequent refilling, there may be a serious problem.
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